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  1. Darkworrior

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    الإعجابات المتلقاة:
    Are you a proud owner of several Tribal Wars villages and always wanted to contribute to the development of your favorite game?
    As a Software Developer for Tribal Wars , you will deliver quality software engineering solutions across all aspects of the project, from engineering high-quality backend solutions all the way to pixel-perfect UI layouts. Join our agile cross-functional team and implement features, improve workflow tools, and optimize the performance of our company´s founding project! Bring your knowledge of software engineering principles and pragmatic way of finding solutions to provide the best user experience for our players, working within the JavaScript and PHP codebase.

    Your profile:
    • Degree in Computer Science or Engineering or a comparable education​
    • Strong experience with PHP and OOP​
    • Good knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML​
    • Competent in working with relational databases and writing efficient queries that scale with many thousands of players​
    • Working experience with MVC frameworks​
    • Well-versed in design patterns and software architecture and unit testing​
    • Interested in current web technologies and bringing new tech to the game​
    • Solution-oriented and efficient style of work​
    • A proactive and motivated individual with a willingness to learn​
    • Team player and a good communicator with fluent English language skills​
    • Passion for online strategy games and knowledge of relevant game mechanics​
    • Preferably already a member of the Tribal Wars community​
    • Willingness to relocate to Hamburg, Germany​
    If this peaks your interest and you would like to start your journey with InnoGames and join our dynamic team as a Software Developer, then please head over to the InnoGames Careers page where you will find additional information and contact details in case you have any questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards

    The Tribal Wars Team​
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